Medical Imaging via Mobile Phone

November 30, 2009 – 1:09 am

From the wire: Number ten in Israel’s top ten must-have gadgets compiled by ISRAEL21c is medical imaging via cell phone. As it explains, in the Western world, we take for granted high-tech tools for doctors and hospitals such as the handheld ultrasound wand that displays the heartbeat of a foetus or detects a tumour. But how would you use that same device in a remote village in Africa where there isn’t even any electricity?

Boris Rubinsky, a Professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, has devised a novel concept: blend the wand with a cell phone. The phone powers the medical imaging device, then transmits the resulting data to a central processing facility, perhaps even in Israel, where it is turned into an image that can then be messaged back to the village doctor’s phone

The entire process is not unlike the trend in medicine in recent years where X-rays taken in the United States (US) are sent to Israeli radiologists for review and then returned via the Internet, says ISRAEL21c. This saves money and time; it utilises the day in Israel while it is still night in the US when radiologists may not be so readily available.

Rubinsky’s life saving gadget is still just in the prototype stage, but it has a promising future, according to the news report and Rubinsky holds the patents.

He is now working on a gadget that will extract small amounts of electricity from potatoes, just enough to charge a cell phone in those same far flung third world villages.

If you are interested in the full list of Israel’s top ten must-have gadgets (not medical), click here

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