BIOMEDevice: Enabling Technologies for Manufacturing Combination Products

January 26, 2010 – 7:44 am

Marc Klinkhamer

Marc Klinkhamer

At the two-day BIOMEDevice conference taking place in Paris next week, industry professionals from the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries have the opportunity to learn more about new enabling technologies, solutions and regulatory frameworks. The first day of the conference provides general information about combination products and the corresponding regulatory matters. Day 2 goes into specifics.

Ever wondered about the alchemy behind the production of combination products? Then don’t miss Enabling Technologies for Manufacturing Combination Products, chaired by Marc Klinkhamer, PhD, Senior Consultant, Director Business Development, Xendo Pharma Services B.V. (Leiden, Netherlands). “The future for drug/device combinations is bright,” says Klinkhamer. “When one considers a thousand different drugs and a thousand different devices, the theoretical number of combinations would be a million.”

The session begins with a presentation on the use and function of silicones in drug delivery applications. The paper covers the fundamentals of silicone chemistry and silicone drug delivery designs, and it explains the effects of each on the solubility, diffusivity and elution of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The session continues with a talk on resorbable polymers for medical drug delivery devices and another on the advances in multiresponsive microgels for biomedical applications.

“The different mode of action between drugs and devices, pharmacological versus physical, can have a novel benefit for the patient when they are combined,” says Klinkhamer. “The cause for this lies in the synergistic effect.”

Further presentations in the enabling technologies session will highlight coating technologies for biomedical devices and combination products, the development of a biocompatible vascular prosthesis, biofunctional surface engineering and radiation sterilisation methods for medical devices and combination products.

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