Platform Technology Enables Visualisation of Medical Devices in MRI

June 29, 2010 – 7:25 am

MaRVis Technologies GmbH (Aachen, Germany) has achieved proof-of-concept for its novel platform technology for the use of medical devices such as guidewires and catheters in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)–guided treatments. This new technology has been designed for applications in radiology, neuroradiology, cardiology and interventional tumour therapy. The company is now looking for a strategic cooperation with a medical device firm to commercialise the platform technology and a broad range of proprietary medical devices.

MRI is used diagnostically to deliver high resolution images of the brain, organs, blood vessels, tumors and other soft tissue in the human body. Thus far, the application of MRI in interventional treatments has been limited to the use of short cannulae and needles, as other currently available commercial medical devices are not compatible with MRI.

The new MaRVis technology offers flexibility and could prove to be a powerful platform for the design of a large number of individual medical devices. MaRVis guidewires and catheters are built from glass fibre – epoxy resin basic building blocks («MaRVis rods»), several  of which are embedded in an envelope polymer or catheter wall in a multicomposite design. The epoxy resin contains metal particles as MRI and/or X-ray markers. According to the company, a series of guidewire prototypes has been successfully tested for mechanical and imaging characteristics.

“The first product could reach the market within about three years,” predicts MaRVis CEO Klaus Düring, PhD,  with confidence. “Our strategy is to partner with a global medical device company for a straightforward move to integrated system development, clinical testing and final product approval.”

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