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December 10, 2010 – 3:08 am

As I mentioned in my previous blog post about the biomedical district in Italy’s province of Modena, Ferrari, Maserati and Luciano Pavarotti may be the most prominent reasons to visit the region–along with the food and wine, of course–but if you are interested in the biomedical industry, the region in northern Italy is certainly worth adding to your points of interest. One of the stops during my visit of the biomedical district last week was a center of innovation, research and clinical experimentation at the Polyclinic of Modena. Here, the Quality Center Network (QCN) was founded in 2005 to connect biomedical companies with university research programmes and create a platform for exchanging knowledge.

Partnering with other local universities and industry associations such as Consobiomed, the QCN is coordinated by the DemocenterSipe, a regional organisation for the transfer of university research results to various companies. “We created the Quality Center Network for several reasons,” says Stefano Cencetti, General Director AOU Polyclinic of Modena. “One is to train medical students on the use of biomedical devices and another is to share scientific and technological know how with companies in the biomedical sector and help them develop new products.” Cencetti says that since its inauguration in 2005, the QCN has been active in creating guidelines and services, obtain certifications on the basis of European regulations and standards and organise promotional activities.

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