Medtech Mould Makers Merge

January 21, 2011 – 7:42 am

Mould Technologies Group (MTG; Diessenhofen, Switzerland), which incorporates Schöttli AG, has acquired all shares in Magor Mold Inc. (San Dimas, CA, USA). MTG also owns s-mouldtech in Suzhou, China. The three mould engineering specialists have joined forces to provide customers, many of whom are medical device OEMs, with an enhanced portfolio of moulds from a single supplier.

Schöttli and Magor specialise in the development and production of moulds with high output rates. While they have a similar strategy, the two companies supply injection moulds for complementary products and, as such, often cater to the same international and multinational customers: Magor predominantly supplies manufacturers of medical parts and disposables while Schöttli caters to medical disposable manufacturers as well as to packaging and plastic cap producers.

The acquisition of Magor enhances MTG’s portfolio, particularly in relation to moulds for technical parts and functional elements made from engineering plastics. These components are used in medical devices such as diagnostics systems, respirators and application systems. As significant stockholders of MTG, Wolfgang Bühler and Martin Schöttli will remain managing directors, respectively, of Magor and Schöttli.

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