MEDTEC Europe: The Future Is Lean

March 23, 2011 – 10:44 am

Are you wasting resources? The question is rhetorical in the eyes of Supply Chain Ready, a service that integrates lean manufacturing and logistics with expertise on design and project management of medical technology production facilities. “I would be surprised if we did not see a 30% to 60% improvement after our [intervention],” says Sven Ohde, CEO of Ohde & Co. (Göteborg, Sweden) and joint partner of Supply Chain Ready with PM Group (Dublin). The partnership had its official coming out party at MEDTEC Europe this week in Stuttgart, Germany.

What makes Supply Chain Ready unique, says Tom White, Medical Technologies Director, PM Group, is the comprehensive nature of what it offers, and the ROI that can be achieved by implementing a leaner, optimised production process. “Most savings can be made by simple changes that don’t require new resources,” notes White. “We have more than 20 years of experience working on Class 3 devices and, during that time, we have put together many seamless projects with significant value chain optimisation.” Ohde and Co. brings lean supply chain concepts to the equation. The medical technology industry will have little choice but to embrace these ideas in the years ahead, according to Ohde.

“The demand for healthcare services in Europe will double in the next five to 10 years,” says Ohde, “but the resources and budgets will not. To satisfy demand and remain competitive, the medtech industry must become more efficient.” Squeezing out waste can help to achieve this, and Supply Chain Ready is willing and able to help.

PM Group has a proven track record of integrating lean principles in the master planning, design and layout of greenfield facilities and existing operations. Supply Chain Ready extends the scope of the company’s services to include the application of lean concepts to the global supply chain.  The alliance already has some projects in the works:  in particular, it is developing a lean strategy for the scale-up of a med tech company in Scandinavia.  PM Group also has projects under construction in Germany, France and Belgium.

MEDTEC Europe is organised by UBM Canon, which also produces this blog.

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