Caught on Video: Copper Kills Bacteria

April 4, 2011 – 9:42 am

A live broadcast from the University of Southampton showed how copper can help reduce the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms in hospitals. The experiment conducted in a laboratory at the UK university used state-of-the-art fluorescent microscopy to show copper annihilating a concentration of MRSA bacteria within minutes. The MRSA bacteria perished swiftly on copper, yet survived on stainless steel, which is commonly used in healthcare environments. The demonstration was scheduled to tie in with this week’s World Health Day devoted to the global spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Professor Bill Keevil, Director of Environmental Healthcare at the University of Southampton and leader of the experiment, explained the significance of the result. “Bacteria such as MRSA can survive on ordinary surfaces like door handles, taps and grab rails for days, even months, and be transferred on hands, spreading bacteria to other surfaces or to patients. As more resistant bacteria emerge, we’re running out of drugs to treat the infections they cause, so we need to do everything practicable to prevent their spread,” he said, noting that copper is a powerful antimicrobial, which quickly and continuously reduces the number of bacteria on its surface.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Caught on Video: Copper Kills Bacteria”

  2. briljant science,

    Knowledge of over 30 years presenting as new!!!

    Introducing new materials for waterdistribution learned us that we had to face new chalenges of controling microbio contamination. However why did we change the good old copper pipes? because it was also toxic to human. And that is why we cann’t use copper for those purposes.

    By Toon on Apr 5, 2011

  3. quite interesting. I would like to point out that in India, copper was and is used to store water and also in temples, where the so called holy water(which apparently loks very dirty for westerners or western educated indians) is always kept in opper tumbler and copper spoons are sued to distubute the water to the devotees who drink it!!

    By suryanarayanan on Apr 5, 2011

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