New Animation Brings Connectors to Life

November 25, 2008 – 1:43 pm

A new animation sequence produced by Bal Seal Engineering Inc. made its debut on the big screen at the recent MD&M Minneapolis. The sequence, running just under two minutes in length, was developed by Bal Seal to demonstrate the performance of its Bal Conn connectors. An integral part of the company’s exhibit at the trade show, the animation was displayed on a large plasma television, giving attendees a unique perspective on the use of the electrical connectors in implantable medical electronics.

“We wanted to give medical design engineers and other attendees a no-nonsense, quick-hit illustration of how our products work and animation accomplishes that in a way no other kind of media can,” says Bal Seal global medical electronics account manager Mark Russell. “For instance, by watching the sequence that depicts the Bal Conn’s application in pacemakers, neurostimulation, and sensing devices, you experience a view of the working connectors that doctors don’t even get to see.”

In the animation sequence, the viewer is transported into the thoracic region of a photorealistic male subject. The subject’s chest becomes transparent, and a functioning pacemaker, sending electrical impulses to the heart, is revealed. As the sequence progresses, the pacemaker header assembly disappears, and a series of Bal Conn connectors are shown in a cutaway view. The pacemaker lead is inserted and removed, illustrating the Bal Conn’s ability to provide constant force and connectivity. Subsequent scenes in the electronics sequence show the same technology at work in devices used for neurostimulation and sensing therapies.

To produce the animations, Bal Seal teamed up with High Impact, a firm with more than a decade of experience. According to Micah Kohne, graphic consultant, animating the performance of connecting and sealing products seemed like something of a foreign concept at first, but that he thinks the project ultimately yielded great results. “We quickly realized the synergies were there,” says Kohne. “The springs and seals Bal Seal makes are simple and elegant, almost artistic in their design. Once we understood how they worked, we knew we could do it.”

Shortly after the animation was unveiled at MD&M, Bal Seal posted it on YouTube. It also has been made available below and on the medical electronics section of the company’s Website at

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