Leti Annual Meeting: There Is No Strong Research without Manufacturing

June 27, 2011 – 9:52 am

Grenoble extended a warm welcome to the 300-plus people attending the 13th Leti Annual Review today, and so did Leti director Laurent Malier. Referencing temperatures that would reach 32°C later in the day, Malier expressed hope that the presentations lined up for the day would generate some figurative heat inside the comfortably chilled auditorium. The two-day event showcases, among other things, technology that is developed at the research and technology centre located on the Minatec campus. It won’t come as a surprise that much of that work increasingly is ending up in healthcare applications.

To set the tone for the day, Malier stressed the fundamental importance of the research-industry continuum in his opening remarks. “In the long term, there is no strong research without manufacturing,” he told attendees. “In the mid term, there is no manufacturing without strong R&D.” Don’t take my word for it, he added. The European Commission will echo that statement tomorrow, he intimated, when recommendations from the expert group tasked with developing action items for the Key Enabling Technologies Communication is made public.

On the medical front, Malier noted that the imminent opening of the full Clinatec complex on the Minatec campus will open new frontiers in medtech research. The novel initiative embraces a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together MDs, biologists and engineers, and combines preclinical and clinical platforms with a well-equipped neurosurgical suite.

Clinatec will open in September 2011; it will take another three to six months to satisfy regulatory requirements and get started in earnest.

I will have more about that for you tomorrow, after I talk with Clinatec director François Berger.

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