Medtech Week Recap: Qualcomm Offers US$10 Million for Developers that Create Real Version of Star Trek Tricorder Device

January 16, 2012 – 12:00 am

Last week, the Consumer Electronics Show took place in Las Vegas. At the show, Qualcomm introduced a US$10 million competition through its X Prize Foundation. The foundation offers this prize to anyone who develops a device similar to the Tricorder featured in Star Trek, a device used to diagnose medical conditions without touching the body. The prize will be awarded to a wireless device that can diagnose a set of 15 diseases across 30 consumers in three days.

Competitions like this can give a boost to entrepreneurs and startups scrambling for funds. The Silicon Valley startup Scanadu is already developing a handheld sensor that would allow parents to monitor their children’s vital signs and conditions, and is eyeing the price, according to a Medtech Pulse blog post.

Funding is a major hurdle for medical device manufacturers. A three-day conference at MEDTEC Europe 2012 will highlight funding and other market access hurdles for the medtech industry. In a blog post on the Eucomed site, EMDT Editor in Chief Norbert Sparrow discusses the upcoming conference and how it can help companies anticipate roadblocks and find pathways to overcome them.

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