UK Spin-Out Company Markets Biomedical Carbon with Unique Properties

January 25, 2012 – 11:06 am

Mast Carbon, a manufacturer of synthetic carbon–based specialty materials based in Basingstoke, UK, has established a spin-out company to commercialise biomedical carbon in a joint venture with Second Mile. Named Acesco Health, the spin-out is developing a proprietary range of activated carbon bead products that combine the usual benefits of activated carbon with some specific advantages.

The biocompatible material has exceptional attrition resistance, according to Acesco Health, and is free from fines and, therefore, does not require a polymer coating. Also, its pore size can be adjusted to filter out large molecules, for example. The material’s adsorptive properties can be beneficial in a number of medical device applications including haemoperfusion, dialysis and wound dressings.

The biomedical carbon will soon reach the market through the EU-funded ProNano Project, reports Nanowerk News. The article, titled New Biomedical Carbons—From Lab to Market, describes how Mast Carbon, initially paralysed by the endless business opportunities of its technology, focused and found a path to commercialisation.

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  2. We are designers and builders of advanced manufacturing facilities and processes for the pharmaceutical,speciality chemicals and aerospace markets.

    Where will this product be produced and would any specialist services be need to build a new or modify an old facility for production?

    By Eifion Jones on Jan 27, 2012

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