Gerresheimer and item Establish Single Source for Design and Manufacturing Services

March 20, 2012 – 2:12 am

“We are the only company I know of that has the expertise to do primary packaging in glass or plastic,” says Marion Stolzenwald, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, at Gerresheimer AG (Düsseldorf, Germany). It’s a bold claim, but I’m inclined to think it may well be accurate. And with the recent acquisition of design bureau item GmbH (Münster, Germany), Gerresheimer adds one more link to its supply chain  for the medtech sector. To hear Gerresheimer item GmbH Managing Director Peter Wallrabe tell it, the acquisition was a case of serendipity.

“At item, we had been picking up signals from some of our customers. They were looking for partners that would accompany them through to clinical trials,” says Wallrabe. “That requires specialised manufacturing services, risk analysis capabilities and so forth that we did not have. It would have taken us years and significant resources to fill this gap. Fortunately, as we were looking at the possibilities, Gerresheimer came knocking on our door.”

For Gerresheimer, the acquisition also filled a gap. “It brings know how that we are now able to consolidate into a single-source solution for our customers,” says Stolzenwald. Adds Wallrabe, “the integration of design and prototyping with manufacturing happened 15 to 20 years ago in the automotive sector. Now we are seeing these partnerships, rather than customer relationships, develop in the life sciences sector, as well.”

The integrated company’s service portfolio encompasses all stages of the development and production chain, from initial drafts and product design to mould making, automation and cleanroom production.

Now, Stolzenwald has even more to brag about.

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