Training Device Triples Correct Use of Asthma Inhalers by Focusing on Patient Experience

March 23, 2012 – 3:28 pm

T-Haler, a training device for users of asthma inhalers

Asthma inhalers prevent and treat asthma attacks and can reduce emergency visits—but their impact is limited by incorrect usage. Studies show that most users don’t use the devices correctly. A training device called T-Haler developed by Cambridge Consultants aims to solve this. The software is linked to a wireless training inhaler and monitors how a patient uses the device. The software is interactive and provides visual feedback to the user. The YouTube video seen in this post describes the training process of the device, which is not yet on the market.

In a study on over 50 healthy adults, the average success rate of using an inhaler correctly improved from 20% of participants before the training system to 60% after a three-minute use of it. The users had no previous experience using inhalers and did not have asthma.

The experiment illustrates a trend in medical device design on patient experience, a trend illustrated in a recent feature article on EMDT called Patient Experience (Px) – A New Paradigm for Medical Device Development. This trend was also a major theme in a recently released Ernst & Young report called “Progressions: The third place: health care everywhere.” The report stressed the increasing importance of behavioural change in the medtech industry.

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