Minor Components Can Have an Oversized Impact on Testing Systems

April 9, 2012 – 12:59 pm

Guest blogger Dave Selin, European Sales Manager, Uson, writes:

When it comes to nondestructive testing, the types of components used to create the test circuits always have an impact on a testing system’s capabilities.

In leak testers, for example, the size of the system’s valves and sensors can make or break the success of a test. There are some general rules that most users appreciate. For instance, if you are seeking leak detection equipment to test large-volume products such as urostomy bags, you would choose similarly large valves and ports to enable rapid pressurisation and a decrease in overall test cycle times. But, the design of optimal test circuits for medical device leak test applications is far more nuanced. Breakthrough concurrent eight-sensor leak test technology enables the test system to be totally customised. Pneumatic controls, valves, tubing, data management and more can be tailored to suit production and quality needs, instead of you having to fit your needs around an off-the-peg solution. For example, you begin with the assumption that no bespoke test solution will necessarily be optimised for throughput and accuracy at the required gauge capability.

Skill and experience in combining leak tester components is required to achieve optimal solutions. Manufacturing engineers who want a test system designed to suit their quality and production needs are best served by consulting with test specialists. Why not? Application engineering services that fit leak detectors to the customer, and not the other way around, are free and usually have a turnaround of 48 hours!

Much as any skilled medical device design engineer knows which subassemblies require rigidity or flexibility, or some midpoint between those extremes, a testing specialist has a thorough knowledge base of what can give in a leak detection test solution without in any way compromising outcomes or reliability of test results. Similarly, any manufacturing engineer knows how and where to invest in robotics for ultimate throughput advantages and where capital equipment costs can be shaved. Give testing specialists their due to help find the optimal solution. This has never been more important, given the availability of an entirely new generation of leak detectors designed for versatility. That “versatility” is realised in large part by the input of qualified testing specialists choosing all the components, large and small, in the test circuit and controls design.

— Dave Selin, Uson

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