Inventors Develop Prototypes for Health Apps During 24-Hour Hackathon

May 22, 2012 – 3:36 pm

The winning team, Line HQ, developed an app for urine tests

A team who developed an app capable of generating data from urine won first prize in the Health Hack Day, which took place last week in Stockholm. During the event, 10 different teams competed to develop a prototype for a health app or hardware within 24 hours. The 24 hours were divided into three days (with one day devoted to lectures, workshops and networking). The event was organised by the Swedish companies Psykologifabriken and Hoa’s Tool Shop.

“The weekend was a success!” says Niklas Laninge, Project Manager of Health Hack Day and Chief Operating Officer of Hoa’s Tool Shop. “The speakers brought up some really interesting questions and Friday ended with a great party with the DJ-trio Euphoric Fellines. It was really fun to end the day with a few future superstars! The hackathon on Saturday and Sunday was very successful. We saw 10 fantastic services and the coolest thing was that they were all so different. This really shows how broad the field of health is.”

The winning team, Line HQ, developed the app Piddle, which enables users to test their urine at home and use an iPhone to analyse the results and share them with a doctor. The YouTube video below shows the presentation.

“There are over 100 urine tests on the market, but none are designed for use in the home together with an iPhone,” says Laninge. “The test they developed even provide a more correct analysis than today’s tests!”

A total of 20 teams applied to Health Hack Day. A team of jury members selected the final teams based on the background of the team members, the market demand of the product and the likelihood that the team could develop a prototype within the 24 hours of the event. The winners won a trip to the conference Health 2.0, taking place in San Francisco this fall. During the event, they will compete to win US$10,000.

Hoa’s Tool Shop and Psykologifabriken, who organised the event, plan to hold similar events in the future, but right now, the focus is on their own products, says Laninge.

“Now we will focus on taking care of our customers, our product Viary and celebrating launching our first app oriented towards consumers,” Laninge says. “I will also help people around the world who would like to arrange their own Health Hack Day. Hopefully we will see one in London and one in Singapore this year!”

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