Medtech Week Recap: Businessman in EU Fraud Case Asked for €60 Million Bribe, Swedish Match Says

October 22, 2012 – 12:49 am

EU’s health commissioner John Dalli resigned last week as a result of a fraud report. A businessman used his connections to Dalli to try to bribe tobacco company Swedish Match. The businessman asked for €60 million in return for influence over EU’s tobacco legislation, Swedish Match said on Friday. The businessman made it clear that he was “speaking on behalf of Dalli,” Patrik Hildingsson, Swedish Match spokesman, told Reuters. A European Voice article looked at who might replace Dalli.

The X-Prize foundation earlier this year announced that they will award a US$10 million prize to someone who creates a real version of the Tricorder, a hand-held device used in Star-Trek to diagnose medical conditions. But the Tricorder is not the only Star-Trek technology that soon may exist in reality. An article from the Guardian details other technologies that are in development, including hyposprays and androids.

A new report from the Big Innovation Centre stresses the need for the UK government to create a policy for 3-D printing. Such a policy could discourage people from printing illegal objects on these printers, and could also help promote  innovation.

MD+DI talked to Boston Scientific’s Senior VP and Global Chief Medical Officer Keith Dawkins about the company’s technologies and global strategies.

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