Cooperation between Commerce and Science: LPKF, ITE and Hakko Train Rapid Prototyping Specialists

October 25, 2012 – 3:11 am

Rapid prototyping is an essential component in the development and rollout of complex products. Therefore the Institute of Technical Education (ITE, Singapore), Hakko as a specialist for soldering technology and the Rapid PCB Prototyping division of LPKF Laser & Electronics signed an agreement to collaborate in training developers of printed circuit boards. The three partners will work together to formulate courses of instruction for special training in prototyping.

In addition, the ITE has received a complete series of LPKF systems and processes for non-chemical circuit board prototyping. Finally, in the next five years employees of the ITE will head to LPKF headquarters to participate in specifically conceived “train-the-trainer” intensive courses.

“Already on our first visits, the working atmosphere at the ITE impressed me. Students receive industry- and research-related project tasks and develop them until they are ready for the market – they have fun, but it is also a very serious commitment,” explains Britta Schulz, Rapid PCB Prototyping Division Manager at LPKF.

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