Medtech Week Recap: Sweden and Medtech Company Bactiguard to Help Iraq Improve its Healthcare System

November 5, 2012 – 12:11 am

Iraq and Sweden have entered into a collaboration to improve the Iraqi healthcare system. Swedish medtech company Bactiguard will play a central role by providing medical devices with antibacterial coatings to Iraq. The collaboration is the result of months of meetings between the two countries. Bactiguard sells its products to 20 countries, but adaption in Sweden has been slow, notes Medtechbloggen. Only one Swedish county council has bought catheters from Bactiguard so far.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy put a spotlight on the importance for companies and institutions to have backup systems for their computers in case of major disasters, notes IEEE Spectrum. A hospital in New York City was evacuated after the loss of power caused the electronic health record system to go out. The incident demonstrates how backup systems should never be placed at a locations at risk of floods, notes IEEE editor Robert.N. Charette.

Bloomberg posted a video from the 3D Printshow 2012, which took place in London in October. The video describes the impact that 3-D printing will have on the society in next few years.

John D. Halamaka, MD, blogged on Life as a Healthcare CIO about this recent trip to China, where he advised government and business leaders about healthcare reform.

On a lighter note, companies had some fun with Halloween-themed pictures and videos. MedCity News posted a picture of a pumpkin that “didn’t survive surgery gone bad”. JK Lasers “carved” a stainless steel “pumpkin” with a fibre laser.

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