Avery Dennison Medical Is Reborn as Vancive Medical Technologies

November 14, 2012 – 10:06 am

vancive intellishield

InteliShield films provide barrier properties in ostomy applications without the use of DEHP or PVC.

Now it can be told. After sustained secrecy, Avery Dennison Medical Solutions revealed a new name and branding: Vancive Medical Technologies. Why? That was my first question for Colleen Ward, Vice President, Global Marketing, who is making the introductions at Medica in Düsseldorf, Germany, this week. It’s a better reflection of the company’s range of products and mission to further healthcare innovation, she explains.

A coined term that mashes up advanced and innovation—but you knew that—Vancive is all about integrating technologies, says Ward. Adhesives are involved, of course, but they are only a part of a much larger picture. The company is showcasing several product ranges at Medica that exemplify its pursuit of healthcare innovation:

  • Metria is a personalised monitoring system that empowers patients and physicians to make smarter health decisions concerning physical fitness or chronic health conditions. Weight management and fitness applications are imminent; gaming apps are on the way; and, on the medical side, clinical trials are just starting. “My aim is to be at Medica next year with a 510(k),” says Ward.
  • InteliShield barrier films for ostomy applications allow patients to maintain their quality of life while addressing environmental issues by eliminating the use of DEHP and PVC. “There are no regulatory restrictions yet, but they are coming,” says Ward. “It’s not a question of if, but when.” This technology puts manufacturers ahead of the curve, she adds. Future applications for the thin film technology include wound drainage products and IV fluid bags.
  • Vancive also introduced fortified business support for medical device converters. The new Converter Benefit Program offers converters in the temporary adherent medical device sector access to a diverse range of differentiated products. The initiative supports qualified converters with expert technical support, marketing resources and financial incentives.
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