Objet Showcases Latest 3-D Printing Innovations at EuroMold 2012

November 30, 2012 – 2:34 am

The 19th EuroMold, international trade show for mould making and tooling, application development and design, opened its doors on Tuesday in Frankfurt, Germany. At EuroMold, 3-D printing specialist for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing Objet Ltd., presents its latest technology developments. New to EuroMold and the focus on the Objet stand is the widely-acclaimed work of artist and designer Neri Oxman from MIT’s Media Lab, including a selection of stunning 3-D printed models that were printed using Objet’s Connex multi-material 3-D printing technology.

Objet and Oxman collaborated earlier this year in a convergence of art and 3-D printing, with the finished models showcasing Objet 3-D printing and how Connex multi-material technology can help push the boundaries of creative design. The ability to print different rigid and flexible material combinations enabled Oxman to convey the true artistic nature of her designs with extremely fine detail and accuracy.

Also featuring at the show is a diverse range of realistic prototypes, demonstrating real applications from Objet customers across a variety of industries including digital dentistry and medical devices:

• The Objet Desktop range provides quality 3-D printing to professionals requiring an entry-level, desktop solution, along with the most versatile range of materials in this market.

• The Objet Eden range is suitable for designers and engineers who require high-precision, outstanding surface finish and productivity. It provides the ability to print versatility of materials, including specialised materials for dental and medical applications. The Objet Eden V line of 3-D printers is upgradable to Objet Connex platform.

• The Objet Connex series, the world’s only multi-material 3-D printing technology, enables users to print parts comprising of up to 14 different materials in a single print job, with no assembly. Users also have the ability to combine material properties from rigid to rubber and opaque to transparent, to create new digital materials better suited for specific prototyping requirements.

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