Medtech Week Recap: European Parliament Approves Unitary Patent Package

December 17, 2012 – 12:52 am

The European Parliament approved a unitary patent package that could cut costs of an EU patent by up to 80%, according to a press release on the Parliament’s website.

MD+DI published its Medtech Snapshot 2012. The snapshot is a collection of articles highlighting trends in the industry and expert analysis and predictions. The snapshot included a detailed look at Ireland’s medtech industry.

UK researchers are planning to develop a machine that can mass-produce smart materials for the control of stem cell growth. The goal is to develop a machine that could be used to control the behaviour of stem cells without adding chemical compounds.

Ceram announced it has launched a materials blog on its website. So far, the blog features posts on topics as varied as 3-D printing, the upcoming US medical device tax, graphene and ISO certifications, among other topics.

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