Oslo Medtech Establishes Medical Design and Manufacturing Network

January 10, 2013 – 4:21 am

The Norwegian medical cluster, Oslo Medtech established a new network last fall, the Oslo Medtech Design and Manufacturing Network. Its aim is to strengthen the competence and position in the healthcare market for design, development and manufacturing companies. Furthermore, the network aims to enable members to provide better services to medtech and eHealth companies. Cato Alexander Bjørkli, Associate Professor for Industrial- and Organisational Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Oslo University, has been assigned as a project leader for Oslo Medtech’s new Design, Development & Manufacturing Network.

“We will try to see product development more broadly by connecting the medtech innovation value chain. This means connecting the stages from a novel idea to a mature product presented to the market. A central theme for this network will be to map out the competence to the different actors in this value chain, and create synergies and discover new possibilities,” says Bjørkli.

Bjørkli, himself a psychologist, will use organisational psychological knowledge to help interaction among the actors and contribute to increase competence, innovation and productivity in the medtech sector. The Oslo Medtech Design, Development & Manufacturing Network currently consists of approximately 20 companies, all members of Oslo Medtech.

“The group includes large corporations, small companies and entrepreneurs within design, development and manufacturing. It`s a wide span and reflects the whole medtech value chain. We will also create synergies with the larger Oslo Medtech cluster,” says Bjørkli.

He adds that another important outcome of this network is to come up with novel and more efficient approaches to product development. “We hope that we can provide useful tools, methods and services for the medtech and eHealth companies. We hope to facilitate the startup of projects culminating in new products and solutions. We will achieve this by working with user-oriented perspectives and facilitate collaboration between members with complementary competences. The network represents competence and competitive edge of international measure, and we aim to show this in clarity. 2013 is going to be an exciting year,” says Bjørkli.

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