Iwis Introduces Anti-Backbend Chains for Medical Applications

January 23, 2013 – 1:51 am

Anti-backbend chain from iwis for medical applications.

Flexible in only one direction, anti-backbend chains are used for pushing loads and can bridge larger gaps without guidance system. The iwis Group has now introduced such anti-backbend chains for medical applications. Developed to customer specifications, the chains are used in a variety of applications, for example in adjustable operation chairs and hospital beds or in mixing units for dental impressions.

Anti-backbend chains have a compact design and can transmit tensile and compressive forces over longer distances without the need for a guidance system. They perform a similar function to linear drives, eliminating the need for an endless, circulating chain drive.

The side- and backbend capability is individually adjustable within certain limits. The chains can be manufactured in a range of sizes and configured for various drive concepts, also with larger strokes and axle spacing. They are available in various materials with a range of surface finishes and lubricants to meet different medical and technical requirements, such as corrosion resistance.

In its own research and development facility, iwis researches the factors affecting chain geometry and assembly techniques on the chains’ technical characteristics. The results are then incorporated into the chains’ design. In addition to medical applications, anti-backbend chains are used in conveying systems, building services engineering and machine tools.

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