Ferromatik Milacron on Tour in Europe

February 6, 2013 – 3:57 am

Syringe protectors, produced on the hybrid F 80 injection moulding machine.

From February through April 2013, two Ferromatik Milacron injection moulding machines will be touring Europe. The travelling exhibition will include stops at local offices in Spain, Italy, Denmark and the UK. The travelling roadshow will include a hybrid F 80 and an all-electric ELEKTRON 50. The machines will spend several days in each country in the technical centers of local offices. Visitors will get a chance to see demonstrations of medical and consumer goods applications, along with expert presentations. “The roadshow gives us a chance to introduce our machines in smaller, more personal venues, and allows our customers to engage with us directly in their own locale,” said Gerold Schley, Managing Director at Ferromatik Milacron and vice president of Milacron China.

The modular F-Series can be configured as an all-electric, hydraulic or hybrid machine. The F 80 on the tour has been set up as a hybrid machine: clamping and plasticizing are electrically-driven, while ejection, carriage movement, and injection itself are powered by hydraulics. The machine has a clamping force of 800 kN. It is equipped with an Advanced Performance APh 40 injection unit, and offers 470 x 470 mm tie-bar spacing. It features a 64-cavity mold from Schöttli, based in Diessenhofen, Switzerland, and will demonstrate the production of syringe protectors with a cycle time of 5.8 sec. The parts have a shot weight of 41.6 g.

This roadshow will mark the debut of the second-generation ELEKTRON in Spain, Italy, Denmark and the UK. This all-electric machine series boasts a sleek new look and brand-new controls. The touring ELEKTRON 50 with 500 kN clamping force will be outfitted with an international size 120 injection unit and will produce toy building blocks on a 20-cavity mold made by B & K Kunststoffwerke from Bonn, Germany. The shot weight of the parts is 36 grams. The parts will be made from a new biopolymer, Terez-Naturegran PV 6930, developed by Livemold (Breitungen, Germany), which uses 70 percent renewable corn-based material. The biomaterial is biodegradable and will decompose in nature within 10 to 15 years. It is robust, vividly coloured, and meets the numerous safety requirements for children’s toys. Thanks to its many positive attributes, this material was recognized in the 2012 “Biowerkstoff des Jahres” (Biomaterial of the Year) and “Bioplastics Award” competitions.

There is no charge for registration for the Ferromatik Milacron roadshow and spaces are still available. Visitors should contact the local organisers for each event at the information below:

  • Barcelona, Spain: February 20. – 21. Joaquin Rabinad, roadshow_spain@ferromatik.com
  • Camposampiero, Italy: March 07. – 09. Chiara Busato, roadshow_italy@ferromatik.com
  • Humlebaek, Denmark: March 18. – 21. Erik Sten Andersen, roadshow_denmark@ferromatik.com
  • Chesterfield, UK: April 16. – 17. Clive Scott, roadshow_uk@ferromatik.com
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