UBM Canon, DuPont Launch Forum for Europe’s Medical Packaging Community

February 15, 2013 – 9:13 am

The UBM Canon MedTech Group in partnership with DuPont has launched a unique online community devoted to addressing the needs of Europe’s medical packaging ecosystem and providing a forum where medical packaging professionals can exchange ideas with members of the larger medical manufacturing sector.

Community Editor Stephanie Wiseman explained the objectives of medicalpackaginginnovation.com in a press release.

“Developing and designing safe, user-appropriate medical packaging can be every bit as challenging as producing the device that it protects,” says Wiseman. “By fostering a uniquely enriching exchange of information through engaging content written by the medical device packaging professionals in the community, Medical Packaging Innovation will address the issues facing many engineers and designers creating medical device packaging.”

Topics being addressed by the community range from material selection and sterilisation to testing protocols and regulatory affairs.

Join the community at www.medicalpackaginginnovation.com.

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