Manufacturers Need to See Diabetes as More than Just a Numbers Game

April 5, 2013 – 7:58 am

Guest blog from Sue Reynard, Research Director, Creative Medical Research

What sets apart the Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) conference from other diabetes meetings is its focus on new technologies. The need to make continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data easier to understand and to develop less obtrusive sensor technology were the key takeaways from this year’s conference, which was held recently in Paris. In addition, there was a call for manufacturers to see diabetes as more than a “numbers game” and to understand what patients and healthcare providers want from glucose monitoring devices. Information should be displayed in a way that empowers patients to make positive changes in the management of their diabetes and, thus, improve their quality of life.

We heard a lot about the importance of CGM among hospitalised patients and the need for a hospital CGM system that is fast, accurate, inert, robust, noninvasive and cost effective.

A number of new technologies also were showcased, including Echo Therapeutics’ needle-free, transdermal CGM system currently being developed for critical care, with CE accreditation due later this year.

The Debiotech Jewel Pump, whilst not yet on the market, offers some exciting features and appears to address many unmet patient needs.

Cequr’s PaQ simple insulin patch pump is a solution that appears to meet the specific needs of those suffering from Type 2 diabetes. It could be launched in Europe later this year.

Senseonics introduced the first fully implantable CGM system that can stay under the skin for six months, whilst Sanofi showed off its new iBGStar, a tiny BG meter that allows real-time viewing of data on iPhones. Dexcom’s next-generation G4 Platinum sensor, due to come on stream early next year, also caught our eye.

For a more detailed review of this year’s ATTD conference and other medical device research issues, please visit the Creative Medical Research blog.

In other diabetes-related news, insulin-delivery devices and blood glucose monitoring systems from the likes of Sanofi, Abbott and Novo Nordisk are among the finalists in the 15th annual Medical Design Excellence Awards, which were announced earlier this week.

Sue Reynard is Research Director at Creative Medical Research, a specialist medical device market research company based in Suffolk, UK.

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