Talking about Medical Packaging Innovation, and Then Some

April 9, 2013 – 3:21 pm

If you haven’t checked out the Medical Packaging Innovation community lately, you’re missing out on some interesting conversations. Here is a small sampling.

Editor of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Daphne Allen confesses that she has been thinking a lot about bar codes lately. “Not only did the bar code celebrate the 60th anniversary of its invention last year, but this year, GS1 marks the 40th anniversary of the Universal Product Code bar code,” writes Allen. Inevitably, that conversation turned to Unique Device Identification, with Rodney Brown opining, “I have to say that, 20 years on, it just blows my mind that there still aren’t final standards for device identification. This seems like such a no-brainer.”

Inhaler design has been on the mind of product development expert Adele Graham-King, who laments the widespread dissatisfaction that asthma patients have with devices that are currently on the market. She cites a physician who claims that one in four asthma sufferers use inhalers incorrectly. Enlightened user-centred product and packaging design could make a huge difference. “What will it take to give the asthma sufferer a breath of fresh air?” she asks. The community has a few recommendations that I invite you to read on the site.

Design engineer Dan Formosa focuses on a different user group—people with vision problems—in his post, Design It in the Dark. “The usability of many products and packages is affected by poor lighting, or when eyeglasses aren’t worn, or when used by people who have trouble with vision even when wearing their eyeglasses,” he writes. Under that scenario, “every design detail counts . . . every shape, curve, button location, snap, click and beep makes a difference.” Taking that into consideration when designing packaging and products doesn’t just help people with vision impairments, it helps everyone who, on occasion, does it in the dark.

Do you agree? Disagree? Or do you just want to steer the conversation in a different direction? Let’s talk!

Norbert Sparrow

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