Regulatory Flux Tops Concerns of EU Medical Packaging Community, Survey Shows

July 2, 2013 – 9:05 am

What keeps Europe’s medical packaging community up at night? It’s not the macroeconomic malaise or job security, although they do worry about those things. But what really has them tossing and turning are the technical, engineering and design challenges they face on a daily basis. More specifically, keeping up to date with evolving standards and regulations is top of mind, according to a survey conducted by Medical Packaging Innovation.

When asked about their primary career-related concerns, almost half of survey respondents chose technical, engineering and design problems, whereas approximately 30% selected “economic doldrums” and 25% cited job security. Compliance with evolving standards and regulations garnered 54% of votes as the foremost technical and design challenge, followed by pressure to reduce costs (31%) and inadequate insight into end-user behaviour (23%).

“Despite the challenges, the majority of medical packaging experts are happy with their careers,” notes Pamela L. Moore, Senior Vice President, Content and Strategy, at UBM Canon, who summarised the survey results on the Medical Packaging Innovation site. Fifty-seven percent of respondents described themselves as satisfied, while 37% unabashedly declared themselves “thrilled” with their career choice.

The full survey report can be downloaded (registration required) on the Medical Packaging Innovation site.

 — Norbert Sparrow

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