German-Designed Device for Russian Manufacturer Wins Red Dot Award

August 15, 2013 – 8:47 am

A device that performs real-time imaging of fibrin clot formation and spatial thrombin distribution in a growing clot has received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. VelixX GmbH (Mannheim, Germany) and its design partner WildDesign GmbH & Co. KG (Gelsenkirchen, Germany) were recognised for outstanding instrument design of the Thrombodynamics Analyser T2, developed and manufactured by Moscow-based HemaCore LLC.

The jury noted the compact and functionally attractive design of the device. A colorful light ring provides a quick and intuitive display of analytical progress. The global assay monitors anticoagulant therapy and detects disease-related abnormalities in blood coagulation, and features high sensitivity for detecting thrombosis. A scalable design enables the building of multi-unit assemblies for high throughput.

Velixx and WildDesign collaborated on the product’s exterior design from the design concept phase to prototype development and small series production. The project was completed in just six months.

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