Remote Monitoring via Mobile Phone Continues Its Momentum

March 20, 2009 – 6:25 am

Evaware Ltd, based in the Isle of Man and England and developer of the Project E-vita electronic patient record system, has expanded its integrated remote telehealth monitoring functionality to include data collection via a Wi-Fi enabled telehealth monitor and BlackBerry and mobile phones. The integration of these two extra hardware platforms now brings to four the number of different hardware technologies that can be combined under the Project E-vita solution to remotely monitor patients in their own homes and while on the move.

In 2008 Evaware integrated the Tunstall RTX telehealth monitors, which also included a GSM mobile network derivative. This month, Evaware has supplemented that release with its digiO2 Care Pal device. This includes Wi-Fi 802.11 networking support, which means that patient’s own broadband connections can be used for transmission of clinical data back to their record.

The BlackBerry/mobile phone gateway solution lets patients use simple devices such as blood pressure meters to take readings in their own home that are transferred via Bluetooth to their BlackBerry or mobile phone. The phone securely transmits the data to the patient record system in Project E-vita for evaluation by a health care professional. As well as flexibility in monitoring patients, the use of mobile phones and BlackBerry devices removes the need for, and the cost of, a telehealth monitor/hub.

Managing Director of Evaware, Nick Dyer, said “We aren’t for one moment suggesting that the mobile phone solution is suitable for all patient scenarios, however we believe the variety of hardware we now offer means we are well placed to meet our clients’ needs. Innovation is a key strategy of ours in keeping costs down and functionality rich. The integration of the digiO2 Care Pal system brings another important development to our Project E-vita platform … we have had repeated calls from prospective clients to provide for collection of data via patient’s existing broadband services.”

Many of the peripheral devices such as blood pressure meters and scales are interchangeable between the platforms, which ensures that customer investment in these devices can be maximised, says the company. All the hardware platforms are integrated within one hosted Project E-vita patient record system, which operates on a “per patient” subscription tariff. As well as monitoring, doctors and other health care professionals can keep detailed notes and clinical records about each patient in the system. The doctor can create tailor made clinical thresholds for each patient that the system then uses to evaluate data as it arrives and attribute a classification or alert level. The alert function can send SMS messages and emails to doctors to alert them that certain thresholds have been breached.

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  2. That is a solution that many companies are starting to explore. I just read an article about a company in Spain called Nuubo which is developing an end-to-end solution about remote patient monitoring as well. Good luck guys!

    By Alex on Apr 7, 2009

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