The World of Medical Devices Just Keeps Growing

October 27, 2009 – 2:31 am

The virtual museum of medical devices <> created by Eucomed, the European medical technology association, explains the use of medical devices and promotes their value through a wealth of facts on applications, economic contribution and future healthcare. The site, divided into three “floors” similar to a museum building, provides basic information on the medical device sector and asks visitors to contemplate what life would be like without medical devices.

Designers and patients offer their perspectives related to various disease areas such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Manufacturers provide informational videos on the use of their products.

The constant development of medical technology and the promise some cutting edge technologies hold for the future are demonstrated in a look at nanotechnology, organ replacement, less invasive surgery and combination products.

This is an enjoyable museum visit and a welcome increase in the information that is available about the industry to the world at large.

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